Industrial and Commercial

Industrial & Commercial Health & Safety

Coetzee Safety Consultants can aid by developing, implementing and monitoring all of the Industrial and Commercial facilities within your business. Whether you’re a small start-up or an established organization, Coetzee Safety will ensure that you won’t just meet your industrial health and safety goals as well as your commercial health and safety procedures, but will ensure you exceed in the health and safety compliances and legislation requirements. Through our partnerships, we develop client-focused solutions to help bolster the due diligence defence and establish a positive safety culture.

We will contribute to developing safety management systems that once implemented will become a living part of the operational process. Providing tailored assistance to a vast array of different clients, offering industrial safety training, internal audits, technical support for certification and safety management system design, implementation and operation. Our talented team has extensive expertise across a range of industries. Promising to support and develop pragmatic and cost-effective solutions with projects which range from short-term assistance to long-term management projects.

How we can help:

  1. Conducting Legal Liability Training with Management and Supervisors.
  2. Conducting an initial legal compliance assessment / hazard identification.
  3. Conducting a baseline risk assessment and control / mitigating procedures.
  4. Conducting task specific risk assessment for the different activities i.e. bottling line, storage tanks, plant and equipment operations including stacking operations and confined space entry, use of hoist and fork lifts etc.
  5. Developing safe working procedures for each of the high risk operations within the premises.
  6. Conducting a fire hazard assessment before the company attempts to obtain a fire compliance certificate from an accredited body.
  7. Developing an OHS Organogram.
  8. Developing the required legal appointments and identifying the training needs.
  9. Developing of company specific Health and Safety Policy and Rules.
  10. Developing and implementing a safety induction training program for all staff and visitors on the premises.
  11. Developing emergency procedures and diagrams for emergency evacuation plans and assisting with an emergency drill and the recording thereof.
  12. Developing equipment and facilities inspection registers and aid with the implementation thereof.
  13. Developing mandatary health and safety agreements for service providers and contracting companies.
  14. Establishing a vendor list / auditing program for the contracting / supplying companies.
  15. Assisting with the establishing of a Health and Safety Committee.
  16. Training the relevant responsible persons within the different work areas on the health and safety system. The said responsible persons will then be required to ensure that the system is implemented within their respective areas of control.
  17. Conducting a second legal compliance assessment and assist with the close-out of the findings.
  18. Conducting inspections of the facilities with the aim of identifying shortcomings within the system.