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Coetzee Safety consultants is a sole proprietary, a consulting-oriented company focusing on providing specialist health and safety consultancy services to the commercial and industrial Industries. Whatever your business or industry, our experienced health and safety consultants are there to assist you with the complex array of health and safety requirements and legislation, ensuring compliance and reducing the potential for enforcement action or civil claims for negligence. Working with our consultants bring you peace of mind and the certainty that comes when working with certified professionals. Your company can have confidence in choosing Coetzee Safety as your health and safety agents, as they are bound by their professional body’s code of conduct and are committed to providing sensible and proportionate health and safety advice.


Helping Companies With Occupational Health And Safety in the Western Cape


It’s no exaggeration to say that a well-thought-out Health and Safety Policy is a key ingredient in running a successful business. The bedrock that helps guide client’s through the minefield of health and safety rules and regulations, which allows Coetzee Safety to stand out from the large consultancy crowd. Everyone has both a legal and moral responsibility to look after their safety and those around them. Understanding health and safety and achieving a high standard will improve the culture within your organization, whatever its size or activity and we are here to help you reach this goal with a dedicated health and safety officer.


Develop and implement site specific H & S systems.

Provide onsite training for employees and supervisors regarding H & S.

Manage safety files in cohesion with the appointed person.

Conducting compliance audits.

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