Construction Health & Safety Requirements

Buildings can present a significant number of possible risks both in construction and operation. There are many duties placed on those commissioning, designing, constructing and operating buildings to control those risks. Coetzee Safety Consultants can fulfil an administrative, implementation and monitoring function with our highly experienced consultants who have vast experience in health and safety in construction, demolition, and manufacturing, of offices, retail, and leisure.

Our approach allows us to understand what support is needed for your business so that we can identify sensible and practical solutions to your health and safety issues. We coordinate and manage all aspects of construction safety and health, from project design through to completion. We pride ourselves on the real contribution we offer to each client project, providing dedicated personnel who are committed to the safety and well-being of all those affected by the construction site safety process.

How we can help:

  1. The compiling of site-specific health and safety files for the relevant construction projects.
  2. The developing of Health and Safety Policies and Rules.
  3. The developing, reviewing and monitoring of site-specific Health and Safety Plans.
  4. The developing of all legal appointments.
  5. The developing of Risk Assessments based on the provided methodology.
  6. The developing Safe Work Procedures for all high-risk activities.
  7. The developing of the site-specific Fall Protection Plans where required.
  8. The developing of emergency procedures where required.
  9. The developing of inspection registers for plant and equipment.
  10. The conducting of compliance audits on contracting companies.
  11. The documenting of formal reports for management’s attention after site visits.
  12. Conducting visits per month to the relevant construction projects until completion of work on the relevant project.
  13. Conducting training with the relevant responsible persons and the workforce on site.
  14. Aiding with the Investigating of Accidents and Incidents.
  15. Assisting with the maintenance of the safety file in collaboration with the appointed construction work supervisors.
  16. Conducting sample inspections on equipment, tools, facilities, documentation and the general workplace environment.
  17. Attending, schedule permitting, start-up meetings, safety meetings and or audits so as to provide guidance.
  18. Identifying the need for specialized training and recommending authorized training facilitators/providers to management and conducting onsite coaching.