Coetzee Safety Consultants want to help you with all of your
Health & Safety needs, be it aiding with the
development of Health & Safety documentation and
or advising you of onsite requirements and providing
"tailor made solutions" for all your Health & Safety

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Helping Companies With Occupational Health And Safety in the Western Cape


Coetzee Safety Consultants don’t claim to be competent, we can prove it. Our practitioners have experience
developing and implementing safety systems on major contracts. Collectively the practitioners have
worked with all of the major construction companies and possesses over international qualifications and a
broad working experience.

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Below are some of the services we at Coetzee Safety Consultants can provide.

Development of H & S specification for new developments.

Develop and implement
site specific H & S

Conduct site inspections and develop reports
based on observations.

Develop OHSAS 18001 aligned, company
specific safety systems.

Provide onsite training for employees and supervisors regarding H & S.

Aid in liaising between clients and Department
of Labour.

Manage safety files in cohesion with the appointed person.

Develop Emergency Evacuation Plans and Procedures.


We have a number of clients who we help with their Health and Safety needs such as ThyssenKrupp,
Stefanutti Stocks, Aveng, Grinaker - LTA, Calgro M3 and many more.

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